Where to buy a 3d Printer in London

3D printer shops are few and far between, which may be because most people buy their 3D printers online.  Whilst you can go to a chain like Maplins most people prefer to speak to specialists, so that they can see the printer in action and can discuss printheads and filament and practicalities with someone who has actually done 3D printing.
My favourite 3D shop where I have actually bought a couple of printers is the imakr store at 79 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1R 5AR.
3d Scanner at imakr
DeltaWASP printer at imakr
These pictures are from the imakr store where they were demonstrating a scanner and  a DeltaWASP printer.  The staff are very friendly and really know their stuff and they have a wide range of printers and consumables in stock and on the premises.  Also they are interested in all sorts of printing from additive PLA methods through to sintering and ceramics.  Imakr supply printers for medical use, prototyping and industrial applications.  I liked the large scale DeltaWASP which costs £20,000 (including VAT) which can print in ceramic mixes, geopolymers and concretes – but sadly that sort of printer is still beyond my budget.
Another London printer shop is 3DPRINTUK near Mile End, based at Enterprise Park, 17 Fittleton Gardens, London E3 3TZ, but they are much more of a print-on-demand place and they mostly print small batches and prototypes.  Theirs is a very illuminating website and they also give a 20% discount for students.  3DPRINTUK also offers tutorials on model finishing and useful 3D techniques such as nesting and spruing.  Well worth a visit for any 3D printing enthusiasts.
Other possibilities for buying a 3d printer are PC World who have a printer called Cubify or you could go to a 3D trade show where you will find lots of suppliers from around the country.  One established supplier, which has been going since 1988, is GOPrint3D in Ripon in North Yorkshire who have a good range of printers, including Makerbots and Ultimakers.

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