How I used a 3d printer to mend our toilet!

The nightmare started. I flushed the loo and nothing happened. Tried pumping the handle and still nothing. I opened up the cistern and found the lever between the handle and the tank had broken. It was ten at night so no way I could buy another. But my son, Julian, said he could quickly “draw” another one using his google sketch-up programme.

It seemed only a few minutes before he had done it and put it onto a memory card, an SD card. We then plugged this into the Ultimaker 2 plus printer and started printing. By midnight the lever had been printed. We fitted it and the moment of 3d truth arrived. Pressed down the flush and gushshshgushshsh, the loo had emptied and the nightmare was over. 3d printing was our answer to a broken part and we caught a glimpse of how 3d printing will help mend the world.

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