How to prevent line tangle jams when 3d printing

It’s very frustrating to set your 3d printer doing a big print, and return many hours later to find it jammed.

Spot the line tangle

We find that the most common cause of jams is a line tangle. This is where the filament is caught under itself as it rolls of the spool. When unloading filament from the printer, the end can spring into the spool and dive under an existing line. This can be difficult to notice when reloading the filament next time, and causes a jam some time into your print.

To avoid this problem, we recommend holding the end of the filament very carefully when unloading from the printer, and poking it through one of the holes in the rim. Poke from the outside to the inside of the rim, then you’ll avoid making a hole in the sealed storage bag.

End poked through to avoid tangle


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